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Established in 1733, Savannah is one of the most beautiful communities in the South. Once the capital of the Colony, then State, of Georgia, Savannah played an important role in Southern commerce. Between its climate, which was made it ideal for cotton production, and its active ports, Savannah thrived in the early days of the United States. During the Civil War, the story is told that when the North conquered the city, General Grant thought the city was so beautiful that he chose not to destroy it as he had done throughout cities in the South, instead giving it as a gift to President Lincoln. Because of this story/legend/tale, Savannah still boasts its historic city plan and architecture.

Now, one of the smaller cities in the South, Savannah is still one of its most interesting. On one hand you have Southern charmers who are helping to preserve and restore Savannah’s historical architecture; on another you have pierced and tattooed hipsters studying at SCAD who have added to the cultural makeup of the city. The city did fall on hard times for many years, but despite the current recession, the city has continued its various restoration projects. So on one block you will see a practically-crumbling building. On the next will be a construction site. On the next might be a freshly completed building. For instance, two years ago Ellis Square was a parking lot for City Market. At Thanksgiving last year, we saw it completely under construction. This Thanksgiving, we saw a freshly completed Ellis Square with underground parking and a WWII memorial.

We hope that when you visit Savannah, you take some time to wander the city and see the sights. We’ll keep updating the blog with different things to do while you’re in town.

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