Jen, Roge, Rogers, JR, J-Ro was born Jennifer Lee Rogers on June 16, 1980 in New York City. She spent her formative years at the Spence School having sleepovers, learning to love iced coffee, and drawing massive works of art on her hands.

She spent her high school days at the Hotchkiss School playing softball, brunching at Chaiwalla’s, and learning to walk slower – always in dress code.

After three years in Northwest Connecticut, Jen ran back to NYC faster than you can say ‘concrete jungle’ to attend Barnard College. At Barnard, Jen enjoyed hanging with her A Chi O sisters, sunning on Low Steps, and attending ill-fated sporting events. During her time at Barnard, Jen enjoyed a 6-month paid vacation study abroad trip to Sydney, Australia. Her time in Sydney was well-spent, traveling across the country, attending the Summer Olympics, and becoming a competition-worthy flip cup player.

Following Barnard, Jen spent 5 years in advertising before realizing that professional fetching wasn’t a lifelong dream. She hit the books and took the GMAT, eventually attending Columbia Business School. On her return trip to the Columbia campus, Jen enjoyed working the taps at Happy Hour, passing notes in class, and serving as a peer advisor.

After business school, Jen landed an ideal job working in Product Management at Revlon, where Jen is paid to play with makeup all day. Sure she does more than that, but that’s really the fun part. Now a full-time professional again, Jen has limited spare time. What time she does have is best spent dining out with girlfriends, taking Albert to the park, and of course, hanging out with Mike.

Some of Jen’s favorite things include laughing until her belly hurts, taking candid photos, covering the fridge with magnets, carbohydrates, and shoe shopping. Some of Jen’s least favorite things include being butt-dialed by her mother, humidity, moths and hippies.

Jen’s dreams include visiting the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul, having a home large enough to properly decorate for Halloween and Christmas, and maintaining a small farm full of animals. Some dreams are more likely than others…

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