For several months, Jen and Michael had tickets to see a band called The Old 97’s. Since they aren’t hugely famous, they usually only played small venues and Michael & Jen could see them any time they were in town.

On that particular night, December 8th, Jen and Michael went down to the Bowery Ballroom like they would for any other show. They ordered a couple of Guinness’s at the bar and perused the concert t-shirts. They bought a few shirts and headed upstairs for the show. Michael took Jen upstairs and over to the bar – he knew she brought a purse way too large for the occasion and she could never stand for the entire show with a heavy bag on her arm and holding 4 concert tees.

The show began and Jen enjoyed her perch on the barstool where she could get just enough of a glimpse of Rhett Miller and the band. At around 11pm the band started playing one of Jen’s all-time favorite songs – The Question – which she had told Mike in no uncertain terms would someday be played at their wedding. As the band played, Michael leaned in and asked:

“What would you say if I had a question for you?”

Jen, clearly without a clue what he was asking replied, “I would say what is your question?”

Michael said “Will you marry me?”

Jen, now in disbelief over what was happening asked, “For real?”

Michael said “Yes” and so Jen did too.

There were a lot of smiles, some tears, much laughter, and a very bouncy leg on the barstool.

The remainder of the concert is still a little bit fuzzy, but Jen does remember Michael texting his best friend and asking Jen if she was surprised.

So to commemorate the proposal, we have posted a picture of the concert ticket and a youtube clip of the song for your enjoyment. We hope you love the song as much as we do.