Neal Casal

You may recognize Neal Casal as Gwyneth Paltrow’s guitar player in the movie Country Strong (which I have not seen). He happens to be another one of our favorite artists who we have had the pleasure of seeing numerous times — particularly at the Living Room in NYC. Yes, he was a member of the Cardinals, but his material stands on its own. His music is multi-faceted, ranging from quiet melodic ballads to rock laced with a little funk (“Hazy Malaze”).

Hazy Malaze: Dirty Summer

Dirty Summer by Hazy Malaze

Hazy Malaze: Looking Out for You

Looking Out For You by Hazy Malaze

Neal Casal: Freeway to the Canyon

Freeway To The Canyon by Neal Casal

Neal Casal: Grand Island
Grand Island by Neal Casal

Neal Casal: Since I Fell on Hard Times

Neal Casal: You Don’t See me Crying

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